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  • Investing Process

    In recent years, China has obtained remarkable achievements in attracting foreign investment. In 2016, There are 27,900 newly established foreign-invested enterprises in china up 5% year on year, The actual use of foreign investment of 813.22 billion (126 billion US dollars), an increase of 4.1%, ranking third in the world.

    Some experts predict that in 2017 China will maintain the most attractive country in foreign investment in the world.

    Foreign Investment Process in China

    With the increase of China's absorption of foreign capital, the establishment of foreign enterprises in China has gradually increased. The conditions for foreign investors to invest in China, the ways of investment and matters needing attention in investment have become more and more concerned by investors.

    Foreign Investment Process in Chinaļ¼š
  • step one: know the Investment Environment.
  • step two: select an item.
  • step three: in - depth research.
  • step four: starting business.
  • 1. know the Investment Environment

    (1) know the Market investment environment

    After China joined the WTO, it is accelerating contact with the international market, Greatly improved the investment environment, enhance the attractiveness of the domestic market. Enterprises to invest in China will not worry about the market environment.

    (2) know the Investment status of Similar industries in China

    With the development of China, the number and scale of foreign investment in China has gradually increased. It is important to understand the investment situation of the same industry in China. You can entrust domestic consultancy and professional investment agencies to help to do pre-research in order to make accurate planning.

    (3) know the Investment policies for foreign investment

    In order to expand to attract foreign-funded enterprises, not only formulate a series of basic laws and regulations, but also formulate industry policies based on different industries, All these have greater concessions.

    (4) China 's policies for Foreign investment

    A. Land policies

    Foreign enterprises purchase land can be given a discount on the costs.

    B. Policy incentives

    For enterprises ,you can get reward in a certain proportion, the specific amount of incentives you can call the telephone.

    C. Science and technology or mall giant enterprises Support policy

    For the science and technology enterprises and large-scale enterprises, the government provide financial support each year . Only if you through government audit can you get them.

    D. To help solve the difficulties

    The government will help to solve all life difficulties for foreigners.

    2. Select an item

    (1) Investment type

    Foreign joint ventures, Chinese-foreign contractual joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises are the most important forms of foreign investment in China. Other forms of investment include the establishment of foreign-invested joint stock limited companies, investment companies, Sino-foreign cooperative development and BOT.

    (2) Investment industry

    Enterprises can through the "The catalogue of industries for guiding foreign investment" and " Catalog of Dominant Industries for Foreign Investment in the Central and Western Regions of China" to determine the investment industry. The above two items are the basis for guiding and approval foreign investment projects and foreign-invested enterprises.

    (3) Investment location

    The choice of the Investment location is more and more important for the enterprise. Different industries should choose the location where are benefit to the industry development. According to the advantages of regional resources to make a choice of investment. For example, coal mining industry, Shanxi can be considered in China.

    3. In - depth research

    After the project is selected, the enterprise needs to do detail investigation from investment environment, investment location, basic policy, preferential policy, etc., In order to guarantee the implementation of the project. You can go on with Intermediary service agencies such as consultant company, law office and accounting firm.

    4. Start a business

    Flow chart for applying to set up Sino - foreign joint ventures company, foreign company:

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